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Cirque Roots Spectrum

Hailing from the hot desert of Southern Arizona, Cirque Roots arrived in Flagstaff ready to show off some serious, sci-fi, stilting skills. Comprised of five...


What's Up With Your Water Flagstaff?

Do you know where your water comes from? Water is a crucial resource in all communities, but as a mountain town surrounded by desert, it is especially...


Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

A swingers party for mountain bikers! With shuttles to all the best trails, over 50 vendors slinging their wares for test-rides and Planet Sandwich on the...


Le Trebuchet Album Release Party

Organic, cage-free, beer-fed rock and roll. To commemorate the release of their first album "The Overthrow", Le Trebuchet played an epic double set at the...


Who You Callin Fat

Fat Tire biking is called a fad by some but after hitting Buffalo Park one snowy afternoon we think it's here to stay. Swerving, slippery and slow, biking in...