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Flagstaff Frenzy Mountain Bike Race

It was a dry sunny morning when riders from around the state arrived at Fort Tuthill for the Flagstaff Frenzy mountain bike race. Part of the Mountain Bike...


Mountain Unicycling at Sedona's Cathedral Rock

What looks like mountain biking, talks like mountain biking, shreds the same trails as mountain biking, but isn't mountain biking? Mountain Unicycling! Watch...


Hucks & Hops with Absolute Bikes

Summer is here and Absolute Bikes wants yours to be full of Hucks & Hops. Every Saturday they lead a ride into the Flagstaff terrain. With trails to blaze,...


Flagstaff Bikes

His backyard shop may be makeshift, but make no mistake, it's legit. Combining a keen mechanical mind and a passion for bicycles Adam Shimoni is doing his...