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Sled Dog Racing

Today a 'tail' of man and dog teaming up to overcome winter's travails. Whipping across the snowy plains of Mormon Lake at over 20MPH, they take 'paws' only...


Flagstaff Frenzy Mountain Bike Race

It was a dry sunny morning when riders from around the state arrived at Fort Tuthill for the Flagstaff Frenzy mountain bike race. Part of the Mountain Bike...


Drone Freestyle and Racing in Flagstaff

Did you know there's a crew in Flagstaff racing and flying freestyle drones? They're called High Mountain FPV (first-person view) and they're onto the most...


The Downtown Mile Races Through a Crowded Flagstaff

Bright and early, every 4th of July, runners descend on downtown Flagstaff to compete in the iconic Downtown Mile. Following a section of the parade route...


JoJo Runs For Her Life!

Stranded in the forest, shrouded in darkness and surrounded by monsters, better Run For Your Life! Put on every Halloween by Run Flagstaff, this terrifying...


Flagstaff Reacts to the Election

What can be said about this year's election that hasn't already? It was dramatic, surprising, and depending on who you voted for, it was either a miracle or...


Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a non-profit dedicated to teaching young girls life-lessons using running as a tool and platform. The end of each season is celebrated...


Flagstaff Pro Rodeo

Flagstaff's second annual Pro Rodeo offered something for everyone. From bronco riding to team roping these cowboys didn't disappoint.